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Privacy Policy



Soft Media Australia Pty Ltd (the owner and operator of website: oz88.com.au) take privacy matters seriously and we are bound by Australia Privacy Act 1988. In particular, we don't collect sensitive information like your racial or ethnicity information, political views, criminal records or medical history, etc. We only collect general information publicly available or supplied by Businesses when they upload business listing / create company profile in our system. Supplying such data / personal information by Businesses is voluntary. If you don't want to supply your personal information like mobile no, email address or WeChat / WhatsApp no, you can leave it blank when you creating your company profile or uploading business listings. Omitting such information may hinder your customers from reaching you or making quick enquiries.

Personal information we collect:

- Business Name
- Business Registration No. (if available, not showing to public)
- Business contact person (if available)
- Business Tel / Mobile no.
- Business Fax / Wechat / WhatsApp no.
- Business email address
- Business physical address (if available)

How we use personal information

Personal information we hold in our system is generally for communication, account claim and billing purposes. Occasionally we use this information to do survey to improve our system and services. We may also offer promotional campaign material / plans to selected Businesses.

Personal information may be shared with our service providers / partners to improve their service level, do market analysis, construct business modelling, etc.

Personal information may be subject to law enforcement agency under proper procedure and generally is governed by privacy law in individual countries. As Soft Media Australia utilizes worldwide data servers / data centres from our service providers / partners, this information / data held on these servers may be bound by local privacy act and law enforcement agencies in related countries.

How to access and update personal information

Businesses who created accounts in our system can access / modify / update / delete their company profiles / business listings under their account. Alternatively we may be able to assist to update / modify / delete company profile / business listings under Business' request if Business can claim their account successfully. To protect and secure Businesses' accounts, we generally reserve the right to modify / update / delete company profile / business listings from our end as the last resort and encourage Businesses to update or correct their records by themselves through their own accounts in our system.

For software grabbed information from the internet, user generally has no access to update their records / information in our system. User can send an email to us or contact us through our web form to lodge a request. We will acknowledge that request and generally act upon the request within 48 hours.


We may use cookies to do data analysis and improve services to you so you don't have to select your country and areas from time to time. Cookies won't identify or disclose your personal information. If you don't want cookies to be set in your computer, we suggest you clear your cookies cache from your internet browser under user settings so no cookies will be stored in your computer anymore.

Complaint and Resolution

Soft Media Australia takes your privacy matter seriously and has proper procedure in place. If you believe your privacy has been breached by us, please send an email to us or contact us through our web form. We will investigate the incident following your notification and remove such information from our system immediately.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

As majority of information stored in your system are uploaded by public users of the website and part are grabbed by our automated software, content and nature of information entering into the system is not monitored or reviewed by human being. As such, Soft Media Australia won't be liable for any privacy breach matters from data and personal information exposing on our website. However, we do take responsibility to remove such information from our system if we receive abuse report from public users or we receive complaint from public. We rely heavily on public users' feedback regarding web content and information in particular through our abuse report system. We take every privacy complaint seriously and will investigate and remove the involved information from the system.


Legal matters will be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New South Wales, Australia for any legal matter or dispute which arises from the above context.


The above set terms and conditions may be updated from time to time without notice. If some clauses or terms contradict to the previous one, the current version will apply. It's your responsibility to check the current version (refer version date below) whenever possible and keep yourself informed. You agree that if you find the current version has contradicted to the previous one and if you don't agree to the current terms and conditions anymore, you should stop using the service and delete your account / company profile / business listings from our system immediately where applicable.


Current document version: Jan 2019



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