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1, oz88.com.au is a 100% Free website. You don't need to pay to advertise your business or company listing. Just submit your listing via Submit a Free Listing page. It's fully automatic, instant and Free!

2, If you are happy with your standard listing, then you don't need to pay anything. It's 100% free. (Conditions apply. Refer Business Service Agreement.)

3, If you want your company or business listing appearing in better / higher order of the search result (Gold Listing showing first followed by Silver Listing then followed by Standard Listing) and showcase more pictures (up to 30 pictures compared to 6 pictures only for free ads), you can consider upgrading your company or business listing to Gold or Silver listing. You can also purchase Top Banner advertising for particular cities of your choice if desirable.

In particular, Top Banners will demonstrate your company strength in the industry, highlight your company brand and image, establish your market status. It's far more superior than free ads.

4, Standard free listing can display up to 6 pictures. However, paid Gold or Silver listing can display up to 30 pictures so you can showcase more girls or facilities. More pictures mean more customers and more businesses.

5, Top banner size: 900 x 300 px for big banner or 280 x 210 px for small banner.

Advertising contact:
Email: sales@oz88.com.au
Wechat: Bestong_Sydney

Alternatively, you can contact us via Contact Us page.



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