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About Us



oz88.com.au is owned and operated by Soft Media Australia Pty Ltd (ACN: 609 377 979), a Sydney based Australian technology company specializing in online marketing and advertising services. oz88.com.au becomes active online in Jan 2019 currently servicing Australia and New Zealand.

Please note as an internet-based technology company we only provide online advertising and marketing services to businesses in Australia and New Zealand focusing in adult entertainment industry. We are not adult service agency / broker / provider. We are not involved and have no connection with these businesses or service providers. People looking for adult services or entertainment should contact individual business or service provider directly.

Furthermore, we are not content provider either as most website content is uploaded by businesses and service providers themselves. Under our Business Service Agreement businesses and service providers will be responsible for content uploaded to our website including text, pictures and videos. However, we reserve the right to update / edit / delete such content if we receive requests from third parties or government agencies.



Warning: This site is restricted to persons 18 years or over.