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General Terms and Conditions of use of website



Use of information on website

The majority of Information (including pictures, texts and videos) contained on this website are uploaded by public users from Australia and New Zealand. Soft Media Australia Pty Ltd (owner and operator of oz88.com.au) has also utilized propriety software called web crawler to gather data and information from the internet similar to those used by search engines. The process is fully automatic and content is not reviewed or monitored by human being. Although we may exercise manual review or manual modification or removal of certain content when we receive abuse report or copyright claim notice, you should not assume we monitor and control content and information displayed on our website. As such, this information may be error prone or inaccurate or sometimes even offensive in nature. Such information is for general references only and not regarded as advice or evidence and people using this website should use their own discretion and is at their own risk and should not solely rely on it to make their decisions. Soft Media Australia Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any consequences from using this information.

In addition to the general terms and conditions set in this document, Businesses (including but not limited to Brothels, Escorts, Strip Clubs, Massage Shops, Sex Workers, etc) should also agree to Business Service Agreement to be able to upload business listings / create accounts and use the system services under their accounts.

Your conduct

Using oz88.com.au is at your own risk. You should not use the website in way of breaching local laws in your country. In particular, people are not allowed to use this website to
- send junk, spam or unsolicited emails;
- pose security threat or harm the website or other people using the website;
- impersonate or abuse people using the website;
- do other unlawful activities restricted under local laws;

Intellectual property and copyright

If you feel certain material in particular for pictures and videos contained on this website has violated your copyright, please contact the related business (including but not limited to Brothels, Escorts, Strip Clubs, Massage Shops, Sex Workers, etc) first so they can remove the involved pictures and videos from their company listings or business listings through their accounts in our system. Alternatively you can contact us providing the involved picture or video link and sufficient claim evidence to establish your copyright claim. After reviewing your claim evidence we will remove the involved picture(s) / video(s) on behalf of the Business and inform the Business your claim accordingly. Please note Soft Media Australia is not liable and will not be involved for any copyright disputes arising from public uploaded or software grabbed material on oz88.com.au as such material or information is not monitored or reviewed by human being. The data capturing process is fully automatic and handled by the system.

Soft Media Australia Pty Ltd do NOT claim copyright for material or information displaying on our website except those top advertising banners designed by us. In other words, copyright remains as is to the original copyright owner. However, as part of the Business Service Agreement, we hold a non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide, perpetual license to store, use, edit, modify, re-format, transmit, exploit Businesses' content / material in any form and for any purposes. We don't claim copyright for these material and content but we can process it under the scope of this license. We will also assist to remove copyright violated material from our system if you can lodge your claim to us and supply sufficient evidence with the claim so we can assess the claim's eligibility. People who download and re-use material and content from our website should observe the related copyright notices and conditions where applicable and comply with these notices and conditions for use. You generally should have the right of use of this kind of material and content for personal non-commercial use unless stated otherwise.

For advertising banners supplied by our customers, we don't claim copyright and copyright remains as is for our customers. However, we have the right to display, use or modify these banners under customer's request. Customers can replace, edit, modify these banners by themselves. For advertising banners designed by us, we hold copyright and a written permission is required from us for third party to use these banners except for the related advertising customers. We generally give license to the related advertising customers to reuse their banner(s) if they wish.

Third party content

oz88.com.au may contain third party content like advertisement or video playing facilities. Such content is generally hosted or generated on third party servers. Soft Media Australia Pty Ltd has no control over this kind of content and material. If you feel this content or material is offensive or violating your copyright, we suggest you contact the related third party first. You can also contact us to lodge a complaint so we can have a look at the nature of the complaint. Although we don't have control over third party content we generally should be able to assist to remove such content and material from our website.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

In no circumstances that oz88.com.au or its company Soft Media Australia Pty Ltd or any employees under the company will be held liable for any legal matters from using this website. By accessing and using this website you have explicitly affirmed you will use the content and material contained on the website at your own risk and forfeit any legal disputes and claims from using such information or material.

Please note as an internet technology based online media company we only provide online advertising and marketing services to businesses in Australia and New Zealand focusing in adult entertainment industry. We are not adult service agency / broker / provider. We are not involved and have no connection with these businesses' products / services. People who are interested in adult services and products should contact those businesses directly.

Furthermore, we are not content provider either as most website content is uploaded by businesses and service providers themselves. Under our Business Service Agreement businesses and service providers will be responsible for content uploaded to our website including text, pictures and videos. However, we reserve the right to update / edit / delete such content if we receive requests from third parties or government agencies.


Legal matters will be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New South Wales, Australia for any legal matter or dispute which arises from the above terms and conditions.

Google Map

Google Map and Google Logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Using Google Map should be complied with Google license and governed by Google' s terms and conditions. Refer:


The above set terms and conditions may be updated from time to time without notice. If some clauses or terms contradict to the previous one, the current version will apply. It's your responsibility to check the current version (refer version date below) whenever possible and keep yourself informed. You agree that if you find the current version has contradicted to the previous one and if you don't agree to the current terms and conditions anymore, you should stop using the service and delete your account / company profile / business listings from our system immediately where applicable.


Current document version: Jan 2019



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