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Twin Peeks Lingerie Restaurant

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City: Sydney
Tel: 02 9356 3440 / 0415 587 315
Address: 134 Forbes St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

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A recently renovated Terrace style building, nestled privately in the Eastern Suburbs and very close to the Sydney CBD, Twin Peeks features a fine dining fully licensed restaurant . The state of the art sound and lighting system is the background for the choreographed shows performed by Australia’s best ‘Showgirls’. The design is sexy, sophisticated and an atmosphere that is merely unforgettable.

What attracts the high flying business set and celebrity playboys to Twin Peeks?

Before you even enter the exclusive doors, you must have a confirmed reservation. Your stunning hostess then introduces you to a remarkable scene with an array of amazing lingerie waitresses. The staff are not only your server, but they are also performers, entertaining you throughout the function and even offer sexy shows whilst feeding you your dessert!

This exclusive destination will satisfy your cravings and bring you the best dining and entertainment satisfaction, that you deserve. Your function will be filled with pure entertainment and exotic fun.

Twin Peeks is the ONLY destination for the ultimate Lingerie Restaurant experience.

Say you have seen this ad on when calling and you may get some discount (for room hire cost only).



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Tel | Mobile: 02 9356 3440 / 0415 587 315
Address: 134 Forbes St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011


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